Founded in 2009, The Papered Parlour produces experimental workshops and dynamic events with a focus on art and design. From partnerships with Cultural Institutions through to bespoke events for major brands, our hands-on approach and DIY ethos encourages participants to take artistic risks, try new design skills and push creative learning to its limits. To date, our critically acclaimed public programme of master classes, talks, demonstrations and mini-festivals has received national and international press coverage. And with our first book Paper Only in stores from September, 2014 promises to be our most exciting year yet. 




Kick-start your creativity with our new book Paper Only! Jam-packed with 20 ultra- modern making projects plus oodles of creative commentary, Paper Only takes the traditional ‘how-to’ craft book and adds fresh splashes of neon colour and big dollops of design flair. Think of it as a self-help guide for the aspiring designer maker, complete with basic warm ups to unblock the imagination of even the most frustrated creative. Through its playful writing style and humorous take on creativity, the book shows you how craft can be the most democratic and accessible of all art forms. Unpicking the creative process, Paper Only takes you behind the scenes to reveal exactly how artists and designers do their thing – showing that anyone with paper, paint and glue, plus a few good ideas can learn to be a great designer. So follow the paper trail and let your creative adventure begin.